Sparkling Wines

Prosecco - Riccadonna

Riccadonna is one of Gruppo Campari historical brands. The range of qualitative Italian dry sweet wines brings a touch of sparkle and relaxed sophistication to any occasion. 

Blue Nun - Liebfraumilch

Liebfraumilch is a style of sweet German white wine which has been produced mostly from the Vineyards of the “Church of Our Lady” in the Rhinelade – Palatinate City. The name in German word literally means “Beloved Lady’s Milk”. It is deliciously fruity and crispy with sweet flavours of peach and honey suckle. Pairs well with fish, fruit, cheese,  and spicy Asian cuisine.

Moscato D'Asti - Enrico Serafino

It’s a semi-sweet, lightly sparkling, low alcohol wine from Piedmont, northwestern Italy. Made from moscato grapes grown in vineyards near the town of ASTI. Elegant floral aromas, and notes of peach, apricot, and fresh grape juice. It’s one of Italy’s most famous and popular wines. 

Maria Costanza - D.O.C. Sicilia

A wine dominant from Inzolila grapes and a hint of Chardonnay grapes, cultivated in the Ninotta and Minici areas. Grapevines are more than 15 years old. Plateau, marl in origin and high clay component. Straw yellow colour dominates with barely perceptible greenish hints. Very intense and particularly dominated by the Inzolia grape which gives original delicate aromas, fruity, with a clear predominace of citrus and tropical fruits.