Local White Wines

Palazzo Verdala Bianco Secco

A fruity wine with intense aroma of citrus fruits, ripe pears, peaches and a floral note. A dry, well balanced with lively acidity, silky texture and long finish.

Palazzo Verdala Moscato (I.G.T)

A medium sweet wine produced from the Moscato Grape variety. Easy drinking and very fruity with intense grapery aromas of melons and peaches.

La Vallette Blanc (I.G.T)

La Vallette Blanc is an elegant fragrant wine with distinct citrus aromas of lime, grapefruit and a slightly grapery hint.

La Torre Chardonnay (I.G.T)

A wine of character with fresh aromas of ripe apples and melon underlined by a hint coming from Girgentina grape variety which is a vine found only in MALTA.

La Torre Sauvignon Blanc (I.G.T)

The Maltese climate contributes to the tropical fruit aromas of this white wine, pineapples, lyches, and passion fruit, a medium bodied wine with refreshing acidity.

La Torre Trebbiano

Highly fruity driven with tropical fruit flavours of papaya , mango and passion fruit, complimented by some floral and herbal notes of mint.

Caravaggio Chenin Blanc ( MALTA D.O.K. )

A dry white wine with aromas reminiscent of stone fruit, peaches and apricots underlined by a hint of green apples. Balanced with refreshing levels of acidity.

Caravaggio Pinot Bianco (MALTA D.O.K.)

This dry medium bodied wine shows refreshing aromas of citrus flavours, ripe lemons, underlined by aromatic floral notes.

Antonin Blanc

A barrel fermented wine produced from Chardonnay grapes from the Ramla Valley in Gozo. Aromas of Vanilla, toast and honey make this wine one of the finest from the Marsovin Family.

Cassar De Malte

Malta`s only BRUT created entirely using the `METHODE TRADITIONELLE`. It owns its character and finesse to the Chardonnay Grapes harvested in the Wardija Valley Estate. To A Minimum of 12 to 24 months of maturing on the yeast lees in the bottle. Its bouquet is typically complex with fruity notes, rich, full in taste and a pleasant natural sparkle.

Glass of House White Wine