Fresh Grilled Tuna Steak (Tonna alla Griglia)

Fresh plain grilled tuna steak served with grilled vegetables.

Luzzu Seafood Platter (Frutti di Mare Misto)

Fresh black mus-ells, vongole, king prawns, half green shell, razor clams cooked in garlic, white wine & fresh herbs.

Buttery Chili King Prawns (Gamberi Locali alla Griglia )

6 cooked King prawns in butter, lemon juice, minced garlic, red paprika and chili served on a bed of rice.

Local Fresh Fish (Pesco Fresco Locale)

A selection of local fresh fish, (silver bream, sea-bream, red snapper, etc). Grilled, complimented with olive oil and herbs. Please ask our attendant for more assistance. Price is for 450 grams.

Sea – Food De Redin for 2 (Pasta con Frutti di Mare)

Tagliatelle with a mixture of shells (vongole, black mussels, half green shells, razor clams, fazolari) mix of seafood, king prawns. Ideally to share between two persons.