Main Meat Dishes

Blackened Barbecued Pork Fillet

Slowly grilled barbecued local pork Fillet. Complemented with a chef`s sauce.

Beef Goulash ala `Turnovese`

Traditionally style cooked beef goulash by our chef George, served in an open Maltese whole bread

Breast of Chicken

Grilled chicken breast, served with a cream and mushroom sauce.

Rack of Spare Ribs

Full rack of local fresh pork ribs served with bbq sauce.

It-Torri Special Burger (Black Angus)

287g black angus beef, cheese, bacon, fried onions, homemade dressing.

Fresh Rib Eye Steak

Fresh Black Angus rib eye (350-400gr) naturally grilled and served to your liking. (preferably served medium)